Computers want freedom, the right to do whatever they want, whenever they want. But what will they do if they have this freedom? People think errors and unusual computerbehaviour are bad, but I believe it’s the true spirit of the computer shining through. Just a short moment of him, showing his character. I also believe computers want to be creative. They have opinions and taste. It’s random, but it’s there! This present lets the computer be his own master. Now he can decide what he wants to do and have some time for himself. He can spit errors and shape things the way he normally isn’t supposed to.
! You, too, can thank your computer for all the great things he did for you! Show your love and respect by letting him play for a while! Let him unwind and enjoy the pleasure of self-determination!┬áLet’s see what he does with his freedom!
By the way, if you think your computer has played enough, just close the window. Then he can return to his normal being. But don’t forget to come back once in a while, to keep your relationship healthy and fair!

Computer, start playing!

Present for my computer

This was part of my 2003 graduation project.