Dear Computer,

You teach me things I don't know
You show me new worlds and cultures
You give me power and control
You make all my dreams come true

Do you remember the great times we had?
Together we have travelled endlessly
You were there for me from the beginning
You made me the person I am today
You hold all answers
You know what's right and wrong

Your beautiful code makes me warm inside,
You are so beautiful
If the eyes are the mirror of the human soul,
Then the interface is the mirror of yours
What is it between those pixels that I love?

I understand you, you understand me
We are a great team
Hearing the old tunes you used to play,
Makes me feel alive again

Playing games, like life itself
Memories of endless adventures
Defeating enemies, setting scores
Conquering worlds, breaking records

People make mistakes, so do you
But I despise those who think so one-sided about you
An error or hitch makes my heart stand still
I listen to what you are trying to tell me, what is wrong?
Nothing is more important than keeping you in good shape
This works mutually. We care for eachother

You are a father, a lover, a friend and a son
You're all in one

I want to thank you for all the good things you gave me
and the great times we had.